What am I doing?

I have received lots of questions about what I’m doing and I have articulated poorly. The more time that passes the more I begin to wonder about the relationship between my content and form. I am working with concepts I found interesting and bizarre enough for anyone to engage in and to expect something different from their everyday life.

This blog is a daily practice which I doubt I ever mentioned within it. It’s part of my practice right now because I thought it seemed cool after Timon suggested it to me. In this blog I write about art and shamanism because that’s what I’m working with during my spring studio. I chose the topic because of the research I had already done in the area which leads me to address another thing I omit. I do research-creation which is apparently bigger than I’m aware of… but! I use it in fine arts as a way of making art. I research topics that interest me and go about breaking them down into symbols, icons, actions, etc. I find it rewarding. It enables me a certain distance from my work and allows me to default on other works like articles to inform my actions when I get stumped.

Unfortunately, I get caught up in it and academic discourses instead. I struggle to do just one thing even though that’s when I shine most. If I could narrow my efforts and do just a single thing I would succeed. I find the process of writing this blog especially helpful in that. I try to stay focused and write about just one thing but I inevitably trail off and go on long tangents with no conclusion. With too much to say and think about this blog is a sort of breather where no one has to dedicate the time unless they want to. There is no pressure to respond either and yet, it doesn’t feel like an echo chamber.

Additionally, I feel encouraged that everyday I can say I’ve accomplished at least one task. I hope that you, my audience, feel some kind of reward from putting in your time and energy. If you don’t, I’m sorry. I will continue to get better at communicating and leaving you with something of value.


P.S. Photos will have to wait as I left my charger at school and don’t have access to my images.


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