As Promised: Priorities

Yesterday I said I’d write more on priorities. If it was unclear from last night’s post it’s Boy Wonder’s birthday today and his family is in town. For me that means planning out the day instead of lazing about. Priorities, I have them. I don’t know a lot about priorities other than being told to get them straight. Each time I think “That’s such a silly thing to say.” as if they exist in a hierarchical order. They are fluid and relative to each other and time and context! Context might play the largest role in what should or can be prioritized at a given moment.

My weekend for example. Spending time with family is a higher priority because they drove 5 hours to see us. Compare that to living at home. I know I was less inclined to intentionally be with my family because it would happen incidentally. Context can also be people as my priorities are affected by my husband’s. His top priority is to spend as much time with his family as possible while mine usually involve doing work, being active, and playing video games. I am affected by him. I think this is because of how linked priorities are to our sense of value. I am willing to give up, or limit, the time I spent on my wants on behalf of Boy Wonder. I value him more than my personal interests and his sense of appreciation is increased when I sacrifice my time or adjust my actions to suit his wants. If this sounds like video game formulas it’s because it is.

Dating sims do the same thing (or at least the one I’ve been playing nonstop for a week). You have limited time and abilities. You  can’t be 100 in everything – this should sound familiar – and so you have to make decisions that affect future outcomes. My future outcomes involve realizing I won’t be full force attacking the messy website I have. In spite of wanting to fix it I don’t have those skill and it takes more time than other tasks to complete and is far less rewarding. Oh rewards, how you influence behaviour. I do what feels good, like writing and blogging. It also influenced my decision to choose performance art. It stole my heart by being live and in the moment with instant gratification or deastation. When I perform there is nothing else. I can clear out the entire day for it and feel fulfilled.

The website is just not my highest priority at the moment. This blog is in a way. What I want you to take away from this (if anything) is that competing value and desires affect your sense of priorities and urgency. And context. Context is everything.

Talk to you again soon!

Ange Kid






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