Less than 40

As I write this it is 11:24 pm. I am staring at the clock thinking “What the heck am I supposed to write?” I’ll start off with my day and then maybe you will understand… Today was like everyday. It began with waking up. Then I went off to school and had a crit. It went well I felt. I spoke articulately about my work, my prof tried to help me along… I tend to say silly things in person. The place where you can’t backspace.

After that I thought I would go home early to spend the day with my husband but it turns out he wanted a birthday present. I was surprised since I had been asking since at least December and he said nothing. Nothing is a lie. So I looked up a liquor I thought would have his favourite kind at they didn’t. I bought something else and started walking home before hitting up a David’s Tea. Have you ever been? It was so confusing and the woman there was kind and pretty – basically lethal. I ended up with 45 dollars worth of tea I had no idea if Boy Wonder (my husband) would like.

I still had to walk home with all of this. Then I didn’t have my keys. Because Boy Wonder was going to pick me up and then I decided to get him a gift. It’s now 11:29 pm. When I finally got home it was nearly 1. I had to shower, eat, and relax. That was until 3 when he announced his parents were in town and so we left to their hotel.

I don’t mind spending time with them. I really don’t but they don’t quite understand my practice and it gets a little bizarre. Imagine explaining to your Lutheran conservative in-laws that you strip down and rub your body against a charcoal covered wall and then the kicker is you call it art. My family has grown up with my weird. His has had to adjust. I have been with them since 3:30 until we got home ten minutes ago and I announced I hadn’t written my blog and didn’t have a clue what to write. I didn’t want to fail you or disappoint you. So here I am writing about my day like it’s a soap when really it was a swell day full of awesome things and I had different priorities for the day. I can write to you more about that tomorrow but at the moment I’ve got to proof and post this.

I didn’t even mention the bright blue face mask I wore (the photo of which I sent to my sister and am sharing with you) or how I fell over on the train and bruised my whole elbow. I look forward to writing to you all again tomorrow!

Ange Kid


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