Charcoal Baby

My days have a tendency to blur together. This past week has been no exception.  Having a daily blog is convenient because I don’t have a schedule to remember but inconvenient when I have other things I want to do. Today that was sleep. The sunny days have made me warm and tired so at 6 pm I curled up and fell asleep. One of the last things I thought of as I drifted off was “oh wait… the blog…zzzz…..”

Fortunately I woke up a while ago.

Today I made sure to wear a face mask. You might be curious as to why, but as it turns out charcoal dust is light and fluffy. It enjoys traveling long  distances by air and feels most at home in your lungs. I’m glad I wore a mask. Last time I was reduce to a coughing hacking pitiful mess.

This time I was a proudly masked pitiful mess. I had intended on surprising my husband at work and when he saw me he was surprise I hadn’t been asked to leave. He hadn’t seen me in my post charcoal wall love affair yet. I usually got home first.

My grey skin is nothing compared to the fine black fur that charcoal became after it gathered and layered on me. I tried to keep hairless because it’s easier to clean but regardless, I become a fur-baby or a charcoal baby as I prefer to be called. It sounds much less disgusting. “Oh look at Ange being a charcoal baby!” in place of “Why are you covered in charcoal? and leaving a smoky trail behind you…?”

One of the studio girls had to move a few things including the wall so we used it to enclose my space. Rather than being a |_| shape it was a full square that has limited entry and the radius of the charcoal cloud is limited. Upon entry you begin to choke on the air.

Full Body Impact Web.jpg

I made this one today. I repeated covered my body before slamming into the wall. When I say slam I mean I did it once so hard my head hurt so I proceeded gently.

That is all I have to say for today as I have to pack supplies to bring for a show I’m in on Thursday. I’m nervous but it should be good.

-Ange Kid






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