Healing Through Water

I won’t be able to write tonight and I didn’t go to class today which makes my day very boring. Normally I go to class but as we all know by now that results in massive messes and dedicated hour(s) of clean up. I don’t have the time for that today.

Instead my day will start around 1 when I make way over to the university for a meeting and possibly some brief studio work. Then it’s back home to double check everything is in order and then off to set up! Set up for performances is really enjoyable for me. Everything is clean and orderly; it all looks and feels good. I’m setting up for a second performance of Healing Through Water. I will describe the original set up since I don’t know what adjustments will have to be made.

I pin up several sheets of blue and teal fabric. It is draped at the front and pulled tighter the further you enter. The very back wall is more loosely hung fabric. When the lights are on in the room everything is teal. It feels special. There is a table at the back wall with a boiling kettle and various teas and a jar of honey. When you sit down it’s across from me, in between us are various black cups. You can choose any of them, they are all the same. I offer you tea and I don’t think you know but we’ve begun.

The first step is always hospitality. People are delighted to be offered tea. All I ask is that you keep it in your hands. You can drink it or stir it whenever you’d like but please hold onto it. I ask you to close your eyes and listen. After enough silence has passed I begin talking to you about water.

This work is only about water. There have been others and there will be more, but today I talk to you about how you feel and interact with water. Rain, steam, puddles… I get creative and continue to talk about water cycles. Cycles of cleansing, purification and thus healing.  I say this to you while pouring it from a vase into a bowl. When the vase is emptied I ask you to open your eyes. Then I ask for your hands. I hold them over the bowl and I pour the water into them. Because you have been holding the warm tea this water feels colder than it is. I offer the water of life to you and encourage you to accept it. It sustains life I say before we sit in silence.

The final step is a protective barrier. I ask for your hands wrists up and rub oil over your pulse. Through your blood this barrier continues and envelopes you. It expels evil and ill will. When I’m done I usually smile. It’s a very tranquil and relaxing piece.

5 Healing Through Water Close Up.jpg

I know in the photo it doesn’t look magical but being there with me turns it into another space entirely.

Until tomorrow!

-Ange Kid




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