Frame it

Among other things university has taught me the value of rewriting. It all sounds perfect as you tap the key or swirl the pen in your hand, but the best communication comes from revision. Write and rewrite until you understand your work inside and out. In rewriting you discover that which is most important and how to best convey it to your audience. Additionally, the task evens out your tone and helps to suit your audience.

Intentionality is a large part of revision. I know I have yet to reread my writing  and think it’s just right. Consider rhythm, length, and sound. Does it sound good to read?

I find the task of writing this blog helpful. I say it often because of how important it is to me. I spend more time creating work than talking about it in class. I find in class people will remember what you’ve said long after you’ve moved from A to Q.  I get nervous when talking about my work because I’m big into ideas. I may have 10 ideas that I feel a piece represents or could be interpreted as but then your prof says “Curate your words.” or “Frame it.” Verbally of course.

Framing is giving your audience a brief understanding and of what and why you have made your piece. I don’t disagree with this but I have become overly cautious about discussing my work. An example? Originally the charcoal drawings were about the relationship of the body with the body. If you accept that both I and the wall are literalized metaphors of myself.

I don’t know if it’s still that idea or why it’s so important that they be the large performative wall drawings. Sometimes with some professors it’s enough to say “I enjoy it” or “It is beautiful”. Other could not care less. They want a single concrete idea that could never be expressed any better.

I used to agree with that and then I got exposed to more ideas and ways of thinking. Instead of black and white what if it was relative? But the when does relativity end? I don’t have the answers. I only have my answers. I say that also in the defense of my artworks on occasion.

I’m nervous to have to talk about my work tomorrow.

-Ange Kid


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