Artist Statement

This block of text is my artist’s statement for the four performative drawings. I thought it would be good to give a sample for others who might trying to write their own or who wonder how I write about my work in  a more academic setting.

           At Once is a series of four performative drawings made using charcoal and my body. They are displayed in a small four walled room with only a tiny entrance and exit. Each of the four walls has its own drawing made using specific objectives. The use of objectives makes each image unique but they are tied together through the limitations and patterns of my body. Working with my limitations I create objectives to apply and remove the charcoal to create a drawing. The use of four walls is to mimic the finite amount of space and sense of containment or entrapment associated with the physical body. The small size of room becomes relative to individuals entering who may feel the intimacy or discomfort of the space depending on their own bodies. Through this work I have come to understand my physical limitations as being important to the viewing experience and my conceptual process. I imagine both myself and the wall as literalized metaphors of the body. The various objectives signify modes of self interaction and the (in)ability to care for the self. When pressing hard or soft each mark is given a different energy that is conveyed without having to see the action, much like our physical bodies. I feel my pieces and their installation evoke observable nonverbal responses seen in the body. The stance and gaze of viewers is as interesting to me as my work. My drawings are my own silent conversation with individuals as they interact with them using their own bodies and gazes.

It also means that I don’t have to do extra writing today! I have a lot to do as my class is about to finish. I will talk to you all again on Monday when I hope to let you know more about the Thursday performance.

– Ange


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