Most Missed

If you read this blog everyday you’d know I missed it yesterday. Simply… I was exhausted! It was for good reason though. As you may be aware I had a performance to do on Thursday night. I performed the piece Healing Through Water three time over the course of four hours (not counting the time I was there for set up).

Each time I took in a group of 8 people and sat them down and guided them through the performance. It was a truly fulfilling experience! It was very tiring though. The final performance began at 11:50 pm and ended at quarter after midnight. By the time I got home it was 1 am. This would not normally bother me but I had to get up at 7 and be productive during our class crit.

Friday morning I was very tired and managed to get to class on time with everyone else. We went through everyone’s work and discussed them. What is it? What is it about? and how could it be about this in any better way? Those are the usual three questions people get asked. Additionally, you introduce the materials and concept.

Unfortunately, as usual, I stunned my classmates into silence.

We gathered in the tiny space I transformed into a mirco-gallery setting. Four walls surrounding you that each had a different performative drawing on them. On the floor was the charcoal dust made from creating them. Comments about my work were few. I either framed it really well, or people were tired of talking. Instead the focus was on my mode of display and while I appreciate those comments I don’t feel it helps me to make better art. We all agreed that the filthy floor was just not working anymore. It was interesting in one place but now covering the floor it felt dirty. So there is much cleaning to be done on monday. Sweeping and mopping will be my next project I suppose!

But the major concern was one I felt I couldn’t really control and that was lighting. I know I can control it as many people in the class do work with lighting, but I just didn’t feel it was the be all end all. I am seeing now that it may be considering how dark the four walls have made the space…

Their thinking was that  clean floor and “proper” (ie. dramatic) lighting would be best suited to trigger an artistic response. You would no longer think of it as a studio space but and a gallery installation.

As for the framing, I introduced my work as I would sculptures. I explained the significance of my body as creating an immediate connection with the audience. This usually true in works like this (using a to scale figure) because they directly relate to the size and shape of human people. This frame seemed to work. I got some eyebrow raises and “Hmmm”s.

It’s just going to be a short post today as I’m still quite exhausted from my late night and all the work that went into pulling it off.

I’ll be on tomorrow!



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