A note to the accident prone

I tend on the side of accidents. I am cautious, yet clumsy.  More than anything else though, I am fragile.

I was getting some pieces together for my crit together. The final crit when students are supposed to shine! In my prep my knife slipped. As I typed this I remembered how shocked I was. It didn’t hurt it just bleed. And then I felt shame and embarrassment. I once had a print maker tell me that if I’m the type of person who gets hurt by an exacto knife than I shouldn’t be an artist. I thought of this as blood streamed down my arm. When I told Timon that bit of wisdom she disagreed and said “It’s more of a right of passage.”

I was so embarrassed to have cut myself. I try to be so careful. In spite of all that  the knife slipped and tracked along my plastic ruler before running through a half inch of my thumb. Part of my nail even came off. I held my hand up and said “Oh shit.” I knew I had cut myself pretty badly. My husband turned to me immediately to help by getting me a cold wet cloth.

I held onto it and pinched down as hard as I could but it kept bleeding.

This is not the first time I cut my thumb in this location. I sadly believe it won’t be the last either. I also cut my right hand on a mandolin slicer once. Man did that bleed! I called my mom and my sister as Boy Wonder went to buy bananas and crazy glue. I just felt so silly the great and careful Ange had yet another accident. It reminded me of how fragile I am. I think this is important as my work on the body addressed the issue and here I was shocked by it.

My note to the accident prone is: Accidents happen. It won’t matter how careful you are you can’t control everything. Don’t feel embarrassed either. Have that first aid kit handy and keep on living.

Maybe this is just very therapeutic for me and not helpful to the rest of the accident prone people…

-Best of luck! Talk to you soon

P.S. I know I haven’t been posting regularly and I’m sorry. I’m just a busy bee!


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