Field Trip Interrogation

Today I went on a field trip with my only younger brother. That detail is important – it’s why he is so dear to me. He had asked me to go with him and even got special permission from his teacher for me to go. Our day started off when we got to school. I stood in line with him and told him how nervous I was. What if the teachers kicked me out of the school? He just rolled his eyes. “They won’t” he said. His class went in and kids started to notice me.

“You look EXACTLY like his mom” and “How old are you?” were the two most frequent things I heard. After a few minutes most of his classmates had become endeared to me and I to them. I had thought to myself this morning that today would help me decide what age group I want to teach. They are a French Immersion grade two class. Adorable! We got on the bus and began our  venture to the museum sister site; a small tourist area.

I took a class on  the history of museums and since then I have a nasty attitude about them. I ‘m overly judgemental considering how little I know.  In my defense I did research the musuem.

The first issue became obvious when a child asked “Are the First Nations people still alive?” To all you musuem people out there please don’t talk about dinosaurs and then First Nations. It’s confusing to the kids. The teacher and I shared a look and laughed a bit. She answered “Yes they are, they just live differently today.”

To these sheltered kids I seem to live differently. Over the course of the day they asked me a lot of personal questions – not that I mind. I open myself up to those kinds of questions.

Because they made me smile I will give and answer the FAQs.

How old are you? Do you drive? What do you do? Why don’t you have a real job? How old are you (followed by) aren’t you too young to be married? What is that black thing on your arm? Why do you have so many earrings?

Well first off, I’m 20. I have been 20 for almost a full year now. I don’t drive because of an accident I was in as a child. I am a full time student graduating with my BFA next year and yes that is a real job. No, I’m not too young to be married. I made decisions others may not want to choose. The black thing is a tattoo I wanted at 15 and got at 18 “Hitsuzen” from XxxHolic. I have another tattoo across my right ribs; my husband’s name I got done before we wed. I used to have 17 piercings, now I have 6: 4 cartilage and two plugs gauge 2.

The funny thing is I look very tame. I’m a petite average woman. I just act very different than these kids are accustomed. I’ll write more on that tomorrow as I have a kids asleep next to me.

-Ange Kid!







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