A brief millennia

Hey all who read this! I know it’s been a very very long time and the only excuse is that I am lazy. In all honesty, as soon as class are over I lose my momentum and do  little. Add to that I have a cold from Hell that causes me to sleep 12 hours a day and you have no blog posts. It’s been a while and I thought I would give a good old update on myself and my activities.

I had spent a week up North after the last crit for class. While I was there I stayed with my mom and my four siblings. I am the second oldest and the bossiest. If you ask my only younger brother I’m also the meanest. I help up when I go home. I feel encouraged by being around children to maintain an active life and I spend most of my day outside. I also binge watched Grey’s on my mom’s bed as we gossiped. I almost said discussed but really we gossip. Exchanging information about others to better understand them BUT they never said those thoughts/feelings to us so… it’s gossip.

I going to mention the age range here so you have a better understanding. Oldest to youngest we are 23, 20, 19, 10 and 8. Kegan, Ange, Faith, Brielle, and Zane. The first and last are boys with three girls smack in the middle! It’s weird seeing it written out like that, haha. I spent some time with the older two. Faith let me drive her car in empty parking lots. It’s important because I chose her. I asked her. Not anyone else. We disagree on most things but we understand each other better than anyone. She didn’t freak out even though I had never driven before. She stayed relaxed and when I would  ask her the same question she said “Figure it out. I can’t keep telling you.” Such encouragement!

Kegan and I played Arkham Horror with my husband when he arrived. But Kegan spent most of his time playing video games in his room. I’m pretty used to that. We have a very fluctuating relationship. We see each other for hours and then not for days, weeks, months…

A brief millennia is the amount of time away from and with my siblings. It feels like forever until I see them but then time is so intense when we are together that it feels like it’s own forever.

Every since I came home though I’ve stayed in the basement we live in. I don’t go outside alone. I get nervous. I feel like everywhere I go I could get lost and I begin to panic. It’s been 72+ hours since I was last outside which may also contribute to the feeling of depression I get from being “home”. I live alone with my husband and our cat whereas at my mum’s I’m always a bit surrounded by people and even when I’m not I know my way around town.

I’ll try my best to continue this blog this summer. It might help to get out. There was no real point or conclusion to this. It wasn’t even linear…

Thanks for being around!

-Ange Kid





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