Return of the Prodigal Me

So I took quite a long break. Fortunately, it wasn’t intentional. I was doing tons of work! I refinished my table in cherry and walnut which took me a few days of hard work and included getting it stuck in a stairwell… I was going to paint a gorgeous stencil on the table but it kept breaking. I failed at the stencil and I was okay. A week ago that failure would have really upset me but I’ve been doing real swell! More on that later, I want to tell you about the awesome stuff I’ve been creating.

In between the table and failed stencil I created a “kawaii marshmallow pillow” for my sister Brielle’s 11th birthday. She explained that she wanted something that didn’t exist: a kawaii marshmallow pillow. I laughed. I told the kids before I can make anything. I once made Zane a whole dozen pikmin and an onion.

Aside from creations I spent the day with my friend Laney at the park and walking. I spent most of that whole week outside (because of the table) and got a really excellent tan. I had a moment where I thought I was so smart because I put sunscreen on my face and shoulders but then… I tied up my hair and burnt my neck haha. I went out with Timon too! I met up with her at an artist run center before we walked over to the legislature. That place was beautiful! Kinda looked like failed tetris layered on itself. We played in the water and talked about what we were doing. She explained that since graduating she was going through the same feelings I was about not knowing what to do and feeling kinda let down. Being in school forever does that to you.

I also can’t remember if I ever mentioned but I’m the creative art director of a camp back home. I created a series of knight’s masks. I really enjoy doing that kind of work. The camps are running this month and I’ll get to hear about how well they went.

Oh! And Boy Wonder and I moved his desk out of the studio. My studio used to be both of ours, he had a desk in there but that was it. We moved it out after a long fight about me having too much “mess and clutter” but (maybe it’s just me) I can’t see my collections as such. I mean, I have 18 colours of iridescent powder I’ve never used, but I bought them for a reason! And I have an accidental apprentice.

Over the next week I’ll write to you about my work etc. I just didn’t want to overload you after a week’s + break! So tomorrow you can hear about my table adventures with a heap of images.

Talk to you tomorrow  😀

Ange Kid.


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