Craftmaster part2!

I said I’d tell you about Zane’s zaney requests and here I am! It started when he called me up on the phone and began telling me about a game – Undertale. I’ve only heard of it from the kids and  still have no idea what it’s about. He told me there is a flower and a girl with an evil soul.  After 20 minutes of “explaining” the game to me Zane “I picked this one for you because I know you are like a professional at crafts.” I didn’t know what he was talking about until I watched Budgethobby’s Youtube video on how to build Papyrus. I’ve watched it so many time I can hear the music even when it’s muted.

As for picking this one for me he had also asked our mum to make a plushie. He said he wasn’t sure if she could do it so he asked me to make this one. I just laughed. Zane always has all the right words.

I gathered all my items and set to work. When the kids give me a challenge I feel invigorated. I do it because it’s fun and shows them in the smallest easiest of ways that I care or so I thought until I  encountered my first problem. Budgethobby uses socks and I didn’t think they would be hard to find until I realized it’s summer and the only socks carried by anywhere near me are of the ankle variety which is totally outrageous since I’m sure people still need non-ankle socks in summer. For hiking at least… right? I went to the mall and walked endlessly through their renos and visited 6 department stores which should have socks but didn’t.

Suddenly! I found some clearance breast cancer support socks. The only non-ankle white socks in the entire mall.

When I got home I began madly cutting out pieces and following the patterns. Obstacle 2 was the ladder stitch. I mostly use my machine so I can barely hand sew let alone do a ladder stitch. My husband suggested I practice so I sewed together all the socks I had bought. When I continued to fail after the 12th sock I gave up for the night. “I’ll find a way to let Zane down easy…”

The next morning I felt better about it. I watched videos and followed along only to fail some more. At this point Brielle called. She was home from cam and wanted to know when she’d see me. I told her about Papyrus and she laughed. ” Pah-pie-rus” she enunciated into the phone. “Not pap-rus Ange. That’s so weird to say.” She then asked if I could make Napstablook and I did but I abbreviated his name to snapchat which made her laugh even more. Not sure how my failures are a joy to her but… 11 is a weird age.

The little on in the image is Napstablook. She was right about him being easy. When I started working on him instead I figured I was doing the ladder stitch inside out and backwards. So I reversed everything my hands did and it finally worked. I was able to continue on Papyrus and even mastered the blanket stitch.  I thought it would be cute to put all the plush items together as if they were a happy family. Tomorrow I’m going out for more felt so I can keep on workin’.

Here is a brief aside I wanted to share but couldn’t place. I called Brielle to ask how she felt about me making an item for Zane. My husband brought up that it may make her birthday (and subsequent gift) feel less special especially since hers was so easy.  I didn’t think it would bother her at all and when I did ask she had the sweetest answer. “Oh! What are you making for him?!” She didn’t care in the least about the number or difficulty of items. It really filled my heart to know she felt that way. So I’m going to give her some extra items along with her gift ie. favourite chocolate bars.

I guess that’s all I have for today.

Talk to you again soon!

Ange Kid.


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