All the production

Guys. I have never been so absolutely bored. It’s 3 days until I go home (my Northern home anyways) so I don’t want to start any major projects and I’m putting off gaming for when my husband is home. I get motion sick easily. Instead of doing anything I’ve been cleaning and doing small projects. I finished Papyrus completely (he needed a red scarf) and then had nothing to do. So I made a handmade sketchbook for Brielle.

I’ll tell you about it. I watch Sea Lemon (another Youtuber) after I discovered her in my hour of need when building a catalog of every pen I own (1,165). She has all these neat videos about bookbinding and creating small easy projects so I thought I would do one to pass the time.

Here it is in all it’s glory!

Brielle copy.jpg

I took apart an old watercolour book I never used and stitched it together for her birthday. More than giving gifts I love being busy, and I happily put the two together. I feel I’m starting to understand DIY enthusiasts. I’m too active for a single hobby -they might be too.  For this project I used an empty tea box. I’ve always admired the inside pattern and was glad to find a use for it. After cutting it and all the paper to suit each other I stitched the book together. Next I glued the first and last pages to the cover so Brielle wouldn’t know it’s an old tea box. It dried between the shelves I removed from my oldest ugliest bookshelf.

I mention this because I redecorated it today.

DIY cubby deco.jpg

Sorry for my awful lighting. I know I have a lot to learn about photographing my work.

As for what and how I did … I removed the shelves and measured out some wall paper I had from sculture. I put glue all over the back of the bookcase and then applied wallpaper.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t wide enough and I wasn’t about to do do multiple pieces of match up the pattern to a second sheet. Instead I cut a really cool gold wall paper and glued that along the righthand edge.

Boy Wonder will see it when he gets home. We’ll see what he thinks.

Summer is quite a boring time for me. I don’t do a lot of relaxing. I feel most relaxed when doing repetitive work. Some of my most relaxing days were spent at the library where I worked for a year. Putting away book and doing inventory generated a level of peace and wholeness I haven’t beat.

I’m feeling very flimsy from the flu I had yesterday but I wanted to talk about my feature image before I go. It’s a signature cupcake of mine. Every birthday card I’ve made in the last 3 years has had that exact style cupcake on it. Sometimes cut out in paper and other times in chalk or pen. I love pastries and admire Wayne Thiebaud. After buying and reading a book of his I let myself do cupcakes and desserts for a few months and become know for it in the studios. I daydream about having a cupcakes only card company…

Maybe if I get my act together I’ll do a gallery of my many cupcakes tomorrow.

Later guys!

Ange Kid.


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