Cinderella Kicks

I was going to post cupcakes but reliazed my portfolio is a huge disaster. Instead here are  a few of my favourite projects so you can see I do actual work sometimes!

Cinderella Kicks. In 2014 I was taking my first sculpture class and learnt how to do silicon casting. Using an old pair of Brielle’s shoes I cast 20 shoes or 10 pairs. After casting them all and seeing how glaringly white they were I started to work on the concept. I used children’s shoes because they were available to me but how would I make them into art? Well, I took out my brush sharpies and went to town on them. I filled them with colour and pattern and spent time making sure each one was different yet cohesive. That neglects all the accidents I had involving water:plaster ratios, molds breaking open and spilling, and then the sanding accidents.

I used a rotating sander. A cylinder that went ’round fast and removed things like plaster and nail polish which I began wearing as a warning. When nail polish showed up on the sandpaper my hands were too close! But that wasn’t the accident. No, the accident I had involved the sander catching the bottom of a shoe and launching it at my feet. Fortunately for me I am a super spaz and jumped away at the last second and watch the shoe bounce as it hit the floor. My prof was quite concerned and  I guess that’s part of my fear of machinery… hmmm. Anyway, after graffiting them I wrote proposals to install them in the college. I installed them in the cafeteria/common area with text accompanying them.

Each shoe had a card a top them with the lines

” “The time has come,” the Walrus said,
“To talk of many things:
Of shoes–and ships–and sealing-wax–
Of cabbages–and kings–
And why the sea is boiling hot–
And whether pigs have wings.” ”

From Lewis Carol’s poem The Walrus and The Carpenter. On the back of the card was this text “This series is Cinderella Kicks, they are shoes that represent the abandoned childhood waiting to be found. ”

I left 20 shoes on Friday and took home 11 shoes on Monday.

That was a good thing. I wanted people to take them home. Y’know take back your childhood. Take back fun and play!

Other things I really enjoyed and am proud of are this portait


and these desserts


I love desserts! I drew this before the wedding when desserts were the only thing I was excited about. Charcoal, ink, washes, chalk… pretty much anything and everything that would stick.

Or how about some white on black! This one was cool.


That’s all for now!

Ange Kid.


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