Take ’em by storm

I’m going to post less while I’m staying with my mom just because the kids are all over me. Literally.

As I’ve repeated mentioned Brielle’s birthday was a big reason for being home. She turned 11 on the 2nd and we spent most of the day together. She is a really active kid. Always physically active. Zane and I are satisfied with video games keeping us busy. We also went went shopping for diy cosplaying pieces. Zane decided he wanted to be Toon Link and Brielle is going as Navi. Together they decided I should be Zelda but I just laughed. If I have to go out with them and spend the whole day taking care of them I’m going to be a simple character like Tetra. (Faith later revealed to me that Tetra is Princess Zelda before she knows she is a princess. I was devastated.) All of us are going as characters from the Legend of Zelda universe. It’s a big one with lots to choose from.

The best parts of shopping were trying on clothes. Brielle is tall lean and gorgeous. I love just throwing clothes at her to sit how they fit. Zane’s role is the comic relief of how helpful he tries to be. You say “we are looking for a long green shirt” and he picks up or points out every single green crop top.  He didn’t care about what we were wearing and didn’t want to try any on himself. When we got home he told us “We should do that again, I liked it.”

That evening as Zane and I were gaming we noticed it had started to rain and then it started to pour. Then the streets started to flood. We watched cars go into heaps of water and one even got stuck. Our street is under construction so the road situation was already bad. I loved watching jacked up trucks take the sidewalks or go over the median. They sure could displace the water too. We cheered for cars and booed for fools who entered our subdivision looking for a detour or exit. Where we live there is only one entrance and exit.

splashing parade.jpg

turn around construction.jpg

I went out with Brielle and some umbrellas to get some neat photos. It’s even raining again today. Everyone is hoping it doesn’t flood…

I’ll try to write more frequently. I do have a lot to say and share I just get caught up.


Ange Kid


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