Anything for you

Today we are celebrating Brielle’s birthday with a family party. And as usual some normal mom responsibles are put on me for my “skills”. Mum went out yesterday evening and there was still no cake so at 7 I took it upon myself to start baking. By 8 mum came home and by 8:30 there were 50 cupcakes cooling. The only thing my mum had to say was that we needed more. My mom always overcooks and thought this wouldn’t be enough but we aren’t even 30 people over so… 100 would be overkill.

As for decorating Brielle asked me to draw silly faces on them with backgrounds of pink, blue and purples. Aside from that she said I could decorate them however I wanted. So I used a star tip and went at it. I just wanted to play around with it and in the end she really liked them. Most importantly, I had  a lot of fun.

She kept asking to help but she just ate the icing, so I had her supervise instead. In an hour my cousins will all be over. There are four of them. All boys aged 5-10. I love them. Brielle has a difficult relationship with them most of the time.

Cupcakes largeCupcakes close up

The other thing I’m celebrating today is my four year dating anniversary. My father-in-law called our wedding anniversary a paper anniversary and I liked that. I much rather celebrate our dating. For our one year anniversary I made friendship bracelets in eggplant purple, red, and yellow. Purple is my favourite colour, yellow is his, and red stands in for God and the red thread of fate. I was 17 and thought that was super romantic. We’ve worn them ever since. Every couple of months I make new ones.  In almost every picture we both have one on.

I like to reflect on our relationship. It’s taken up a lot of my life in the last four years. He’s my bestfriend before anything. I find it strange when my married friends aren’t bestfriends with their spouse. I know every relationship is different but I just don’t get it. I know there are a lot of times I mess up our friendship but we both feel that we’d rather fight everyday than be with someone else. I think that’s something special we share.

I just stared out the window longingly. Being at my mum’s is nice and nostalgic but I miss being with my husband. AND MY CAT! on a much lighter note… I talk to my cat on the phone every other day. She purrs and chirps at my voice. She does not like her dad as much as me. She even hissed at him for touching the laser pointer and growled when he tried to brush her. Those are both things I usually do with her. It makes me laugh to think of our cat as such a moody creature. She is always so pleasant around me.

Talk to you soon!

Ange Kid


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