Wedding favours

For my wedding I made up favours of atomic fireballs and werther’s originals. I tied them up in eggplant purple tulle with a curled sparkly silver ribbon. If you don’t know those two candies, they are a spicy cinnamon ball and smooth hard caramel. Each candy had a family story. My dad always had werther’s in his truck when we saw him. He was diabetic but of all his candies I remember these most fondly. Wrapped in gold foil he kept them in his empty cup holder. I would sit in the front seat to greet him and be surrounded by the smell paint and cigarette smoke. At the time his truck was red. We lived apart from him. I loved these candies.

Boy Wonder’s grandfather had a crystal dish of fireballs. He offered them to me every time we went over. He took a handful of them and pressed them into my hand.  Once in winter we left and I reached in my coat pocket to find it full of those delightful hot sweets. He didn’t have any grandchildren who liked them as much as he did so it was special to him that I ate them. For years I always had them in my purse.

Mum just told me I never said it at the wedding, but these candies are supposed to be eaten together. They were symbolic of my husband and I’s union. I was the spicy fireball and he was the enjoyable caramel. Best served as one! The fireballs are intense and hot for a while but they lose their red coating and become sweet. And the caramels are gentle and enjoyable for most people. When you eat the candies together the intensity of the heat is softened by sweetness.

A friend of mine is getting married and it reminds me of how much I hated my wedding. I spent that whole night crying. The event was a show I put on for other people to make them happy while my wishes weren’t respected. I’m delighted that my friend has asked me to help her plan hers and to stand by her if she gets pushed around. I look forward to it. I look back at myself with a romantic nostalgia and when I think of how to make her day the best I sigh. It’ll be what it is and I can only do my best to help.

-Ange Kid.






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