Finally home

Brief update while I’m recovering from being home/coming home. Boy Wonder wanted to cuddle which meant I couldn’t sleep. He kept putting his arm around me and I got hot and then kept wiggling until he said “I’m going to sleep.” He turned away and I slept too.

I got used to sleeping alone.

At my mum’s I slept in either one of the kids rooms. Zane is a good sleeper other than him constantly watching him. He has a bunk bed with a desk under it. He puts his hands on the edge and looks over them. “Hey Ange. What are you doing?” From the floor I look up “Sleeping Zane.” He is quiet. “I’m just going to watch you.” That happened most nights because I couldn’t sleep in Brielle’s room. She snores so loudly I kept waking up. I woke up at 5:30 to find a breath right strip for her. I put it on her face and by 6 am I took my blankies and went back up to Zane’s. “Oh, hi Ange. Did you sleep here?” he asked me the next morning.

Brielle has queen sized bed that is easy to share, but I had to sleep on camping mats on Zane’s floor. It’s too small for an air mattress. Speaking of air mattresses, the one I put mum on leaks. She said she didn’t mind that it leaked slowly but I can’t help but feel bad. She is sleeping much better being away from the kids. She said she went to bed early (10) and woke up suuuuper early at 4. I haven’t gotten a good night’s sleep since before I left.

Since coming home Valencia has been stalking me and crying. I’ve probably never written about her before. She is my emotional support cat. I know that might sound like a joke but I got her the summer my dad died and trained her to be a support animal. Training them is pretty easy. The goal is to make them more dependent on you than you are on them. After being to the far North for two weeks she missed me. She stopped grooming and eating… but she wasn’t even alone here. She just needed me and not dad (my husband). Now that I’m home she follows me and cries all night. She doesn’t like closed doors. She suspects I will leave again soon. I’m also one of those weird people who calls their pet on the phone. She purrs and chirps at me. It kept her happy enough.

Well, I’m gonna start unpacking and getting the house in order. Now that’s I’m back in Edmonton we’ll see how frequent the posts are. Classes will start up soon and I have 24 hours of them each week. I’ll let you know more soon.

Ange Kid.


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