Bathtime Stories

Today’s post is just rando bits of me and mine.


A showerbath is when you get too tired to stand so you sit with the tub plugged, the heat turned up, and the shower on. I do this a lot. I was sick yesterday and didn’t shower. And today in spite of my showerbath I didn’t wash my hair. Before mum gets back tonight I thought I should wash my hair so I was dipping it in a bucket when I thought “I should put my whole head in there!” Funny thing is the container has an image advising against children doing this. Cause you could obvi drown. I didn’t put my head in but I did manage to clean my hair!


Blonde Fuzz

After all that I thought “I forgot to shave my armpits.” So I repeated a familiar scene I had with Brielle. Enter my mum’s house, go downstairs to the bathroom and you’d find me teaching Brielle how to shave her armpits. We filled the sink with warm water, lathered up our furry pits with conditioner, and used our razors. She was really good. Swipe up and down and she was done. She didn’t cut her underarms but I did. I still do. All she grows are light blonde nimbus clouds. I look like someone rubbed dirt and pine needles on me and it never came off. I like sharing moments like that with her. As she grows up I thik of all the things I’ll get to teach her.


Dancing Elephants

I got really sick yesterday. So sick I was getting wickedly dehydrated. As I lay on the floor I called my husband to ask him to pick up some gatorade before coming home. Me: “What I really want is the baby stuff but I don’t think you can find that…” Hubby: “What is it?” Me: “It has dancing elephants on it. It’s for babies. I’ve had it before; it works really well.” Hubby: “I’m gonna buy you some gatorade. What flavour?” I didn’t get my dancing elephant drink but I did get re and de hydrated all over again. I spent the rest of that evening laying on the ground with Valencia. She sat by my head. She does this thing where she sniffs my hair and pushes it. Repeatedly. Emotional Support cats for the win!

Later people!

Ange Kid.


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