My School Post

Hey guys! I spent my afternoon on the ground motion sick, haha. I have an outrageously weak constitution. I am quite babylike. After getting over my temporary sense of ill I did some drawing. I drew my sister as a villain. I love Faith’s face. Everything about her is lovely and that bit brings us to now.

As I was cleaning up I realized I hadn’t posted yet today. I had agreed to tell you about my professional life of being a student. This next year is my last. I will graduate April with my BFA (Bachelor of Fine Arts). It’s very exciting. I’m going to be in 4 studies which is against the policies simply because it’s 24 hours of class time a week.  1 studio class is 3 hours twice a week for a grand total of 6 in class hours x4 = 24 hours. Outside class hours will kill me. I’m taking Printmaking, Sculpture, Drawing/Intermedia, and Painting. What scares me is the out of class time. Guys. It’s crazy.

Each morning I have an 8 am class which means getting up at 6. I’ll have classes until 9:30 pm and then it’s an hour home if the trains run on time. That freaks me out. I stop and I think I might die because of it. That’s more than 12 hours each day for 8 months. I’m worried about how hard it’ll be in me and what will happen if I “fail”. Fail= do poorly or I feel I’m not pushing myself. And then what is all that going to do to my relationship?! Fwah.

On the brightside! That’s 8 months until I have my first degree. After that I’m jumping into a 2 year education degree. I want to teach kindergarten. I taught a kindergarten class for 5 years at my home church. They were my most precious people. I staged our classroom every week and made cupcakes about once a month.  My kids were always delighted to see me and Iloved them. I’ve grown up admiring my teachers. Heck, I married a teacher. Doing what you love and making money is great, but I think you can love more than one thing. I know plenty of artists who want to do it fulltimeallthetime. I’m willing to do other things that fulfil me in order to support myself, my loving husband, my cat, and you know… future babies. This is all getting awfully personal but I’m feeling good after writing about this.

My mom always told me that when you write a list your tasks appear more conquerable. I really hope I can keep up my blog while in school but i’m not sure yet. It might just be Fridays….

See you tomorrow!

Ange Kid.


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