Tech Support

In my family I am the tech support. I get random calls from both my sisters (19 and 11), my mom, and the excellent Irefusetolearntoread Zane. We are on the phone right now because I gave him my copy of Xenoblade to play but he has no idea how it works. He has no interest in reading and expects his tech support sister to understand what he is trying to read.

Xenoblade has a more complex battle system which requires understanding each move, but my 8 year old doesn’t read. Like the rest of us kids, he is french immersion so English comes late to us. I didn’t read at all until grade 4… Working with Zane involves him describes pictures and letters to me and I make blind guesses. Example for those who know the game, there are landmarks you can warp to. Zane asked me if he should travel to rock towers. I realized landmark/warp point = rock tower. And if I ever call it something else he gets confused. Not only do I have to guess his issues but I have to keep a log of all the made up names he has for things.

As for Mum…she can read, but she freaks out a lot. I send her pictures with numbered instructions because anything else is more trouble than it’s worth. Skype or phone call just leads to listening to her go “Ah! Why did it do that?!” and I’d rather get that via text… I use plenty of screenshots and details of shortcut keys to teach her. Just yesterday she was freaking out over not being above to use the  “@” symbol. She texte dme “my 2 key makes ” not @!!” It turned out her keyboard was set to UK English. She got it to US instead. Personally, I have mine set to Canadian multilingual standard because unsuspecting users of my cpu get a heap of éèêàç and it makes me laugh.

Brielle always skypes. ALWAYS. Although she can read both french and english she can’t discern symbols. My favourite time I was helping her was when she wanted to play a wii game. We have both the wii and wii u and either with play wii games. I told her to pick a system but she told me no matter what she did the cursor wouldn’t move and she couldn’t turn the games on. One look at the tv revealed the sensor bar was dangling. Apparently no one knew where/what it should be plugged into.  My families simple mistakes make me giggle.

In general my family doesn’t understand consoles and generations. Man, you would not believe how long it took to explain the backwards compatibility of consoles and games to my mom. I gave up and just wrote it down. I’m not super techy but to my family I am the best!

That’s all I have for today. Tomorrow I’ll tell you about the work I did while home. It involves converting a nursery and refinishing a table.

Ange Kid!


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