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I did some fancy work at mum’s when I was there. First on the list was to transform the nursery into a working office. My mom has 5 kids and finally the younger two are the only ones at home. With the room empty I did the job of painting it. Originally the room was Noah’s ark themed. It had a wavy ocean painted half way up the wall, one mural sized ark full of exotic animals, with a colourful massive rainbow across from it and! Scripture written on all four walls telling this portion of Genesis.

It was really lovely. Truly wonderful, but it was time to go. I started off trying to cover it (after sanding) with an old mistint and planned to paint the room blue. The blue was awful. Like semitransparent almost. Ugh, so that mistint I used ended up being the real colour. A gentle mint green.

The cutest thing happened when I painted the room. Mum and her husband Les had adorable reactions. Mom was really happy to see the room cleaned up and changed. Mom: “Wow!…. I just don’t know if Les will like it.” Me: “Eh, he can always repaint it mom.” She laughed. That night when Les got off work he looked at the room and also said wow. He added “I really like this colour, but I don’t know if your mom will.” Neither of them had talked about it because they didn’t know each other’s feelings.

We all loved it just fine.

The table? Not at first. I had so many accidents. I sanded it but the finish didn’t want to come off. I blame the years of glitter paints and nail polish. After sanding I started to paint it but it had too much texture so I had to start sanding it down again. When that didn’t work my inner painter chimed in “try 50 more layers!” So I did. And the more sanding and painting the more I started to understand I lesson I had originally refused.

The actions of adding and removing integrate the layers better. Try applying that to life. Hmmm…. This process worked well on the table. When I finally finished it my mom was excited. She loved it way more than I thought she would.

Here’s a detail!

Table detail.jpg

It was yellow and now! It matches the curtains and flooring. My visiting uncle asked if I could do theirs. I felt so happy.

I seriously love this table. I could give a detailed post about materials and howto if y’all want.

Ange Kid!


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