The trouble with flossing…

So far I haven’t had to write anything about my teeth. Until now…

Brielle was sad to go to the dentist today to get another tooth pulled. This made me think I should be responsible and floss. I was almost done. I just had to do the bottom front where my retainer was. This bonded retainer is a strip of metal pressed to my teeth with melted plastic. You use a blue plastic loop and thread floss through. You push the plastic between your teeth and pull. I looked in the mirror at my bloodied gums. “If this was how everyone had to floss no one would ever do it.” I went to pull out the floss when it snapped the metal wire. I stared in the bathroom mirror with bloody spit running down my lip into the sink. My tears quickly joined them.

I managed to break my bonded retainer. MY orthodontist claimed it would last a lifetime. It’s been 6 years. I was really upset because Boy Wonder and I had fought yesterday and I didn’t sleep well so when it that expensive piece of metal broke I lost it. I cried for at least a half hour before my husband called we talked it through. After that I calmed down and was able to call a few places and explain that I needed an emergency appointment. It’ll cost 600$ to replace the retainer. I don’t know if that quote included everything or if you know… it doesn’t.

My teeth are all wobbly feeling. The metal didn’t break even. It goes across 6 teeth and it broke at the very end so now 5 teeth are shifting away from a lonely tooth.

Theses types of moments remind me that I’m very much a kid just playing house. I’m married to my bestfriend; we play games together, and have movie dates every week. I eat marshmallow cereal for breakfast and go to school for art. My husband is the one who works to support us. We are low maintenance but when something “bad” (it’s a relative term) happens I am reminded I have other obligations and responsibilities. My mom doesn’t take care of me now. I have to pay my own bills and keep my little world up and running. Today I go in for them to craft a new wire and tomorrow my husband has to miss work so they can bond it to my teeth.

Lame day. Tomorrow feels stressful.

-Ange Kid.





6 thoughts on “The trouble with flossing…

  1. I hope tomorrow will be a brighter and better day! Why is taking care of our teeth so expensive !? When I was younger I had to have two sets of braces…. My poor parents. Now I wear a retainer every night… I also thought of my poor dental care a few nights ago and brought out the floss…. I was afraid that I would need a blood donation. Scary times.

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    1. I feel ya! When I went to get it repaired the woman just kept putting in more gauze “I don’t know why it’s bleeding! I haven’t done anything!” I explained to them I broke it flossing and that I rarely floss because I bleed so much…

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