Free Zoo Day!

Guys! I’m excited. The kids are coming up for the expo which runs the 23rd to the 25th of September and Boy Wonder asked if the kids wanted to do anything else while they were in Edmonton. I said no. He asked if I was sure and offered a few suggestions. I remembered the Edmonton Valley Zoo and thought I’d check it out and then was happily surprised. The 25th is free admission day! So I called up Brielle.

Brielle “Hi Ange!”

Me “Hey kiddo, can you get Zane and Mum too?”

Brielle “Uhhh yeah… okay!” *running up the stairs ‘Zane come on’ ‘what?’ ‘ Come to mom’s room’* … “Okay I’m in her room!” *Mum ‘what are you doing?’ Brielle ‘I don’t know’*

Me “Did you put me on speaker?”

Brielle “Oh! No.” *sound of phone shuffling and falling* “Okay!”

Me “Hey guys, I was talking to Boy Wonder and blah blah blah…. Do you want to go to the zoo?”

Brielle and Mum “Yeah!” Zane “No.”

His calm and serious rejection made me laugh. Mom asked what he has against zoos beginning by asking if he even remembered going (we all went when he was 3).



Zane “Uh ya mom. I do remember. That’s why I know I don’t want to go.”

He obviously doesn’t remember because he loved it. He lost his mind when we saw a waterfall and he had a major blast.



Brielle is all for it and Mum said she’d talk to him to clear things up. Faith is more than excited. I texted her about it.



This was more along the lines of what I was expecting from both kids. I mean, it’s free zoo day guys. Why not go?! Zane’s pretty stubborn though. He might stay at my place with Boy Wonder and play video games ’cause no way am I missing out.

I like including my conversations because I think my family is very funny. When something makes me laugh I think “Yes, everyone wants to know this.” I also like to imagine it will encourage me to put them into comic panels like I want to in the future.

I’ve derailed because I’m having fun looking at old photos and writing to my sister. So I’ll talk to you lot again tomorrow!

Ange Kid!


P.S. My retainer situation went well. I’m going to make a follow up post about it and how I feel way more adult because of it.

P.S.S. In case any of you care/noticed Faith is Gajeel the Iron Dragon Slayer in my phone because she has the same laugh as that Fairy Tail character.


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