Life Update!

Hey you guys! Sorry it’s been so long. Classes started up on Thursday. Fortunately for me I don’t have Friday classes so I got to spend it doing housework and feeling like my life was in order. Thursday was a truly lovely day. I went to my morning Drawing/Intermedia class where I met my new prof. She is quiet and a little standoffish but I’m going to attribute that to it being the first day. Maybe she was nervous. Or I’m the only morning person in that class…

We picked studio spaces and did some cleaning I feel optimistic about this year! I get the feeling it’s going to be good. Then I spent some time with my friend Aleezah, she and I have a painting class together. Simply, I love her. From the very beginning she’s been someone I can be completely honest with and 100% myself. Very good friendship.

After spending my between class period with her I went to sculpture. Something everyone should know is that I started out hating sculpture. It was a class I took just for credits. I resisted and fought endlessly against my prof (Dr. Jules) until she was just too kind and loved me and my work. I caved and dedicated myself to performance art and kept a soft spot for sculpture in my heart. Then when I transferred to the UofA the only studio they could get me in was Sculpture. Eventually also had drawing intermedia but it’s always been sculpture that saved me… Now at the UofA I sincerely love my sculpture class and prof.

Take a second and google Royden Mills.

Roy is absolutely wonderful. He cares and is passionate about life. When I told him about my 4 studios (which is considered course overload) he suggested I combine class projects. I was stunned. I hadn’t considered it as a solution, and here he was smiling telling me that if another prof agreed I could squish together coursework and alleviate some stress. I don’t know if I will or how it would work out… but just that kind of caring response reminded me why sculpture is my favourite.

Most of them are fixers. There is no limit or obstacle they can’t build around. As much as I fought with my female studiomates I find sculpture with Roy to be the most freeing experience. I’m feeling excellent today.

More updates! I’ve been doing yoga EVERYDAY! for two entire weeks. I’ve even added weights and cardio so I feel like I’m being the best possible me! Unfortunately, I just can’t find a way to post everyday, which I fail to do anyways, but I need to put it in writing. I gotta update this relationship I have with you. I’m going to post on Fridays from now on. If things are super important or I just need a place to explode you’ll see me ’round. But until then I’ve got so life managing to do.

Thanks for always being here!

-Ange Kid.


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