First Friday

I thought my first Friday would be a relaxing time where I got to lounge about in between laundry, cleaning, and cooking. But no.

I was  up at 8, out at 10 and in the studio by 11 building a stretcher frames and then in sculpture pouring plaster. Then there’s print… Hellsbellsandwhistles. We have 50 “drawings” to make for Monday. This semester is going to be a tough one! My classes have been good then awful. Ever fluctuating and tiring. I’m so exhausted that I can’t even enjoy writing this post! Ugh.

The highlights of my week have included making new friends and meeting our technicians. For those who don’t know I am fearful of all machinery. Scott is the painting tech and today he clapped and high fived me as he taught me to use the miter saw. He is very kind and funny. Our sculpture tech is young and bouncy. She works mostly with clay.

Whew. Sorry guys. Maybe I’ll write to you tomorrow but I’m just feeling wrecked.

-Ange Kid.

And now as I try to post it keeps saying “schedule and update” hope you got this haha.


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