Full time student life

Classes have been going well. I’ve managed to stay pretty organized and on top of everything. My online penpal project isn’t going as well as I’d like. People are too hesitant to contact me and so far it’s only been people I know. I think I might have to print and hand out cards. Speaking of print! My print class is going smoothly. We are working on a variety of things but mostly just textures at the moment. I’m pretty good at them I’d say.

Print 15 small copy.jpg


This is an example of the type of sheets I’m working with and altering. They will exist in black and white but also others in colour. I don’t know anything about print so I can’t say much more about this just tah I’m feeling very excited about working with the technique.

Painting is going just peachy! We’ve begun figure studies and some small scales images. In total we need to have completed 8 paintings by the first of October. A little tight but this is what I signed up for! I’ve also begun making new friends who are kind and funny. One of my friends does a project called Puny Dino.

You should check it out if you have a minute to spare. She has an undergraduate degree n genetics and was telling me how chickens can become dinosaurs. We get along pretty well.

Aside from school my life has been pretty swell. I haven’t had the time for yoga every morning but I haven’t lost my amateur level tone. I’d hoped to cosplay in May as Ban from the Seven Deadly Sins.

Brielle and Zane will be coming down soon and then we have a full itinerary planned. I’m very excited about how things are ging!

How have your September days been?

-Love Ange.


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