Demographics in art

I’ve been working away on the whole penpal performance project. It explores online relationships existing online and over 14 days. I wasn’t having much success in getting strangers so I put an ad on kajiji and got several replies all from retired men. Weird right? My ad only says I’m looking for a penpal and was surprised by the “type” of person responding. It made me curious about what direction my project is going. I’ll be setting up a blog for it soon as art of the display for the piece. I think it’s valuable that it all exists online but the logistics of the project haven’t been worked out yet. I gotta black out their personal information in order to present so it’s a bit tricky.

Mostly I wanted to write today because you guys aren’t all from the same demographic (as far as I can tell) and it made me wonder about the differences between my blog and the penpals. Both exist online but this here is indirect. I don’t address you by name and most of the responses I receive are encouragement. My penpals and I are in direct contact which sometimes freaks me out. It all comes to my phone and can feel invasive at times. And then there what I share! It’s so difficult. In my blog I share a lot and experience no fear but in the email when asked my age I get uncomfortable about it.

What do you guys think?  Where do the boundaries of the online exist in relation to our physical selves?

In sculpture Roy asked us regularly who are target audience is but in performances like mine it’s harder. I don’t initiate the interaction so I just wait for people to be interested and to share…. hmm. In sculpture I’m making hand held hearing objects. Think a backwards ocarina! you place it over the ear and use your fingers to let in sound. The second piece I’m working on is more of a major piece. A large plaster egg shaped vase dresser in lace to look lovely and appealing! A large hole in the top that you reach inside and find gook. It’s cornstarch and water mixed 1:1. The piece is about a lot but it’s primarily about discomfort that cannot be seen. Mental, emotional,or bodily discomforts that get wrapped up to be beautiful.

I’m really sick today so I am resonating well with the piece. I’ll post pictures of my process works soon! But over the weekend the kids are visiting me so I’m going to be extra busy next week to catch up.

Later gators!

Ange Kid!


One thought on “Demographics in art

  1. I write under another name and so share things online that I don’t in real life and vice versa. apart from the different name, I’m completely genuine – perhaps even more so than I am in person. Would I meet people from my online world? That’s a difficult one and I don’t know. If I were writing under my real name then yes, but as I am then probably not. I’m enjoying them being apart, it’s an escape for me.


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