14 hr Print Marathon

Hey guys! Love time no chat! I’m doing pretty good at 4 studios. My performance piece is going well, you can still participate or share it with others. The address is 2wkpenpal@gmail.com it’s a online art performance about relationships and how we negotiate them.

As for print… well tomorrow and Saturday are going to be long! My prof Caitlin advised that if I can’t stay late I’ve got to block out one day a week to print. With 8 am classes all week and an hour ride home I cannot stay past 9:30 pm at school. I’d die. So instead I’ll be in tomorrow at 6 because I’m afraid of printmakers and want to be in before them. I’m going to bring mountain dew. I’m going to work until I’m done! I wish I had a studio assistant. I wish Faith lived in the same city as me. She made the best assistant when I was living in at home. She would drive, hold things, have sassy comments. Everything you want rolled into a neatly folded 4’11 +3/4″ woman.

As for the Expo, I can write more later when I’ve got a moment to breathe. Brief: the kids had a blast we did go to the zoo and got ice cream! We saw a tiger and some seals. These are the most memorable animals.

I have a sculpture crit tonight, crits for painting and print on monday hence the hustle and to top it all off I have a performance show I’m going to see tonight from 7-9:30. And. It’s my 21st birthday. I’m feeling great! I don’t have the time to proofread this so I’m hoping it’s not too difficult to read.

Thanks for being as encouraging as always!

-Ange Kid.


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