Hello Again

I am getting less creative with my titles as I work towards midterm. I’m hoping to photograph everything since it’s displayed anyways and show you all but… I’m sure you’ve noticed by now I have big dreams and little time. I am in the middle of getting my prints ready to upload though, so that is one promise we can check off together! The penpal thing is going well, my sculpture class is great! I’m doing a performance in a few hours about bodily entrapment and the necessity of reconnecting with nature. I’m covering my body in clay as a way of using myself to mediate the relationship of people in nature in ways they cannot, are unwilling, or simply unaware of.

Painting irritates me. We received a new project and I was hyped about it. It was collage which meant using more than paint. We were given some artist to look at and I found ones I like the concept of. You might be thinking “Well Ange! How is that a problem?” and to that I would say “Yeah. Right?!” My prof felt my works lacked the look of research. The painting I made was really colourful but the artist I took from worked in sepia and likely only did so because it was 1920 and colour print wasn’t ubiquitous. So I am working on some of the most colourful cupcakes you’ll ever see and working instead from contemporary artist Wayne Thiebaud a man whose art I literally dream of.

Ah yes, that leaves print. Print is difficult to say the least. I had to wash out my screen which managed to take up more than 40 minutes  and included getting drenched and embarrassing myself publicly. At the moment of everything being wet and dirty my prof decided we should have a demo so everyone came over and saw my inability. And I got water on the floor. Again.


So the photos aren’t great. Sorry about that, I took them quickly on my phone for my mum. I wanted her to see I made neat stuff. This project was all about technical skill and I feel that I learned a lot of thut so the next project is going to be a lot easier for me and hopeful I make visually compelling images.

Well I’m off to heat up some clay and write out documents. Also, if you guys know anywhere that is looking for art submission hit me up and let me know! I’m supposed to do at least two applications but I’m a coward about showing my art.

-Ange Kid.


9 thoughts on “Hello Again

    1. Hey mikealixonline! You made me laugh. I feel awful when I’very been neglecting my blog. The only thing I’ve fallen into is love with a pottery wheel. I’ve written a few posts since “hello again” but not many. Sadly I get sucked into university life and forget about the living.


  1. Hi Ange,

    Been there, done that. The university is a time in life when you can intentionally probe profundity. It’s a time when you can avoid truncated people and take yourself seriously. I go back there in my mind often and like Emerson says, to consider that the best thing (forgive the thingness) in life is due to education.

    Thanks for your reply to my comment,

    Mike Alix or Michel René Alix as they call me in France (where I’ve settled after a lifetime in the U.S.)


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