Academic Jargon!

I know you all sincerely love my academic jargon that says so little yet pretends to be significant. Or maybe I’m just tired of proofreading about my own work. Anyways! This is all to make me feel better about how much time I had to put into this so I’m sharing part of my midterm with you! It’s about my penpal thing and why it’s worthwhile. Basically I’d send this if I wanted to get into a show with the work. I hope you enjoy.

Ange Kid Project Description – The Penpal Project

The Penpal Project is a durational digital performance existing online and dependent on audience engagement. The work is displayed as online screenshots of my conversations with my audience, within the emails are concerns and unresolved questions. They are detailed semiautobiographically as I attempt to work through the issues with my co-creators penpals resulting in a cyclical self-referential piece. I upload ads to Kijiji and respond to sent emails with an introductory letter and request for consent to the project. I have become increasing committed to this and have revised the duration to end only when all correspondence ends. As I see it I will pursue this long-term to monitor its devolvement and to understand its continued impact on my work. The Penpal Project is an extension of my past performances and questions the meaning of community and one ability to create it. I consider my interactive performances as community generators that help me conceptualize engagement and existing harmoniously with my surroundings. There are two philosophers with growing investment in ecological crisis who have profoundly effected my worldview and prompted me to produce works of this nature. The first is Bron Taylor who created the controversial umbrella term Dark Green Religion which refers to quasi religious beliefs that “nature is sacred, has intrinsic value, and is therefore due reverent care.”. The more impactful David Abram is best known for bridging philosophy and ecology. He describes sensitive people who can develop a reciprocal relationship with the nonhuman and are then charged with maintaining a balance between humans and nonhumans. I became obsessed with the real-world implications of these beliefs and I began to interact with objects (the nonhuman) by giving them personhood. As I lived this way I was directly influenced in my performative practice. I use my body as a medium for its immediacy, directness and confrontational potential to break down physical and imagined barriers. I consider each performance a reincarnation that retains the nature based influences that manifest as rituals and cycles. I embody the cycles of waiting, listening, and responding to represent the application of order and a restoration of personal balance. To combine this with my interactive art means inviting audiences as co-creators to share in an open dialogue. Personhood is the most important aspect of The Penpal Project and is what distinguishes it from being an art object. I see my work as the documentation of a growing network of relationships. The logistics of presentation require a monitor displaying an interactive site where all the conversations are recorded and stored. As such, I would require a secure computer on a plinth.

And the next time I’m not so busy I’ll tell you all about my plans for gifts. I may have omit my absolute love for holidays and gifts but Faith’s birthday is Tuesday and I’m going to get her  a replacement mug. about 4 years ago I made her a hand drawn hand wash only mug and her roommates accidentally popped it in the dishwasher so it all melted away. She was really upset so I’m going to redraw the item, scan, and print it with  mug printing company. And I’m going to make Bailey’s and Khula truffles for my mum for Christmas. I think she’ll love them. But I’m just realizing it’ll be way more pricey than buying her fancy chocolates… Huh.

-Till next time! Ange Kid


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