Just about forever

I have no idea when I wrote last but basically my life has been a series of unfortunate events for the last 3 weeks. Only now are things starting to get better. And this is one of the first time I’m sitting at my computer and I’m actually in my painting studio supposed to be painting but we have a show opening tomorrow and I hadn’t written my documents so… here I am writing in the middle of the studio and now addressing you all because I have guilt from not writing. Because writing here is one of the most refreshing parts of my life.

I’m gonna post my documents here so that you know what I’m up to and hopefully over the break (christmas holidays) I can get up all the stuff I’ve been working on an detail my process!

Ange Kid Artist Statement

I am creating a body of performance work exploring the power of intentionality in relationships between parties with agency and personhood. My practice began with performances about connecting people and nature by inviting viewers to accept an animistic worldview. Animism is the belief that objects have a soul or consciousness which I exaggerate by treating them like people. Instead of acting on an object I negotiate their participation and respond to their feelings. I use ritual and gesture in performance as a way of worlding; creating a believable framework in which these elements exist concretely. To push these explorations forward I have begun a series of durational and task based performances around destruction and reconstruction to explore the difference between purpose and function. Destroying the object removes its ability to function and in its reconstruction function is not restored but purpose and continued existence is established.

Project Description

Exiting Through Doing is a durational performance that begins when I let go of ceramic vessels. I hold and drop the vessels allowing them to smash against the ground before I gather them on a soft rug to repair them. I destroy similar or identical objects to prevent them from being easily repaired. I break and care for each of them as a means of representing the application of order and a restoration of personal balance. I use my body as the medium for its immediacy, directness and confrontational potential to break down physical and imagined barriers. I consider each performance a reincarnation that retains nature based influences that manifest as rituals and cycles. I embody cycles of waiting, listening, and responding to understand their role in creating sustainable relationships.


Basically right now in the studio I’m smashing and repairing things because of the state my life is in. I lost 5 pounds in the last few weeks due to stress which has been pretty hard to recover from. I’m very petite. 5’4″ and 115 pounds. Not really an ideal. Sorry about any awful spelling but I got heaps of work to do!!

-Love, Ange.


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