Something I’m real Proud of

This is the bio/statement/whatIwannasay I’m using for our grad catalogue and guys. I love it.


Hi! I’m Ange.

I believe everyone has a superpower. Your superpower is the thing or phrase that could best define you. My superpower is caring. I care about everything around me to the point I feel like I can’t breathe. My practice revolves around embodied care either through ritual and instruction based performances or conceptually figurative performative sculptures that stand-in for the body.

I’m currently exploring care as connection and reciprocity in relationships by personifying materials to the extreme. I do this out of a curiosity about where metaphors, analogies, and other poetic devices dissolve. Disillusionment in my relationships has led my artistic practice to investigate the moment emotional bonds are formed. Can they be formed with objects? What would those objects need to be cared for? Identifying that trigger and applying it to sculpture is my greatest challenge and failure. I explore these questions by forming an intimate connection with my medium. As I understand its physiological properties I attempt to transcend them. Running parallel to transcendence is misattribution, empathy, and projection which I use as means of attachment.

To prompt an emotional bond, I project onto objects questions of human existence. These questions are posed in terms of having function and creating purpose which relate directly to the process of building. In my work with clay I have seen hours of my time and attention become understanding and then turn into prediction. I’ve also seen that my failures were more beautiful than what I could imagine and impose on the clay. Crafting functional pottery was fulfilling but watching my failures sag and collapse was stunning. I found their changes and self manipulations profoundly meditative and I’d ask them why. Why this form, direction, imperfection? It served to deepen my interest in the clay and opened my mind to being taught by it. As I learned I found some of my objects/props/sculptures/clay babies/loved items helped me to apply order and establish meaning in face of uncertainty. When I see them in multiplicity, variety, and states of brokenness and repair they mimic life beyond what I could intend. I’ve learned to reinforce their willfulness and craft them in a way that allows them to create their own shape and body through technical imperfections that force purpose. The latest question they’ve given me is to contemplate the relationship between finding purpose and continued existence.

Right now you and I exist simultaneous. You are the person I am writing to, and I am the voice in your head. Maybe at this moment we are both wondering about the other. I make my objects to fill this void in wondering. My objects are vessels for existing and containing emotion, release, acceptance, love, joy, grief, heartbreak, pain, laughter – everything! I want to invite you to accept an animistic worldview where each object has a soul or consciousness and ask you to wonder about them.


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