Contagious Joy

I have this one amazing ability: to greet people with my whole heart in my voice.

This may not sound like anything special but when I say “Hello” or “Good morning” I stop people dead in their tracks. A few weeks ago we had some summer snow  (not unusual here at all) and I was enjoying my walk through the snow endlessly. When there is snow falling around me I know that everything is right in the world. So, when I passed someone on the street I sang out a sweet “Hullo!” and this guy stopped. He stared at me and exclaimed “You are so cheerful! I love it! have a great day.” I laughed and thanked him and kept walking home.

This happens to me a lot and I don’t think much of it until I’ve been through a rough patch because that moment of people lighting up reminds me that I exist and have a profound impact by existing. Today my vocal joy got me to the next stage of a job interview. The woman on the line said she liked me and that she’s sure her manager will too. (This is good because I’m both bored and stressed out about the upcoming move and costs of paint. Ugh.)

Heck! even yesterday I saw my real estate agent and she told me I have “the nicest goodbye. It’s just so cheerful” which is why she calls instead of emails. I pour out all my joy and love into greetings. I want people to feel comfortable. I believe that if we become the reality we want to see then other people are forced to confront and question that reality. This method of reality creation is something I’m super passionate about and will write in detail between my chronological posts of what I have been up to since being depressed and graduating.

Love you lots, Ange!

P.S. I’m meeting up with Posie soon.

P.P.S. I love typing right now guys. I painted my nails a matte electric orange, and a sparkly bubblegum pink. The world could not be more at ease.


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