Moving update

We bought a duplex in the end. It has a lot of space and everything we need. The kitchen is gorgeous and perfect for us! My darling hysband loves to cook and I adore baking. We have all the counter space we could need.

Moving was uneventful, it rained and we got most of it done in the first day. Since that day we’ve been moving slowly. A lot of random bits and pieces and art supplies. Packing, stacking, and, endlessly trying to make this place feel like home.

I’m still getting sick and my doctor up and quit at the clinic where she was. So I have to find a new one, but I was with her because of her work with autism and I was waiting on a referral for ADHD testing. I feel bothered to be left like this and have to start over. I think it’ll work out, but the anxiety is bad. I’m eating all day without ever feeling full and staying in a state of tension. I feel like my body is responding to the emotional tension in my heart. That friend I was hurt by a few weeks ago is no longer in my life. I couldn’t have him affecting me anymore. But the grief over the loss is more than I thought it would be and as much as I needed the release and boundaries of “no more” instead of “not now”. It hurts my heart. Until that is gone I think my body will suffer.

Love, Ange


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