All the flavours

I love baked goods. I love them in way that makes my toes wiggle and soft purrs come out of as I eat them. I’m serious about that – it irritates my sister to no end. I recently bought meringue powder, almond flour, and concentrated flavourings of rootbeer, wintergreen (oh sweet heavens it smells great), and crème de menthe. These weren’t the flavours I was seeking out. My desire it to create bubblegum cupcakes this summer. Pink with blue icing and gum balls on top. I imagine they’d be to die for!

I do heaps of baking. A good friend of mine is getting married in September and asked if I could make cookies. Of course! So I set out testing various chai sugar cookie recipes. I wanted  sugar cookies so I could cut and roll them. That is easily my favourite part of baking aside from icing. I’ll be making 100 pumpkin shaped chai sugar cookies for her special day. It makes me heart sing.  I also started exploring the street I live on. It’s fair;y busy and full of bizarre shops. I do mean bizarre. It’s been gentrified so older places or non-white establishments look decrepit which completely sucks! I have mixed feelings about gentrifying. It’s a complicated thing to run a city, but the point of this story is the bakery I found.

It’s website advertised goods made from fresh ingredients with actual French pastry making knowledge. I’ve found in the years I started baking my standards shot through the roof. I barely eat anything from a grocer anymore (I know, such a snob!). we  waled there this morning and I was immediately blown away. I bought just about one of everything. I adore baked goods.

And now for tangential joy I’ve had!

I dyed my hair red. It started as a test strand for when I cosplay as Poison Ivy (TBA) and quickly became “Oh wow look how pretty this is!”. Since then I’ve been putting on make up and curling my hair each day to look more like Poison Ivy. I’ve shocked a few friends.

My sister called this morning to ask me how to make icing. This made me laugh because I joked with mum about it yesterday. I called her and she sounded annoyed so I joked that she shouldn’t be annoyed with her only child who calls to socialize and that my sister only calls for help cooking. I swear she has called me 3 times to ask how to boil an egg. Thus, having her call about the icing was perfect. I use a real simple recipe. It’s fail proof too. 1/2 cup of butter, add 1/2 cups of icing sugar until 2 cups total, with a tsp of vanilla. While on the phone she told me she didn’t need the icing anymore and asked what to do with it which I just laughed at because she hadn’t mixed anything. She had only beat the butter… I mean seriously kiddo, toss it in the fridge.

So that’s all for now. hope you are having a super fantabulous day as well!

Love, Ange


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