Kids camp

Since moving to Edmonton I haven’t played the same roles I used to. At home I was a camp everything.  Over the years I had fulfilled most jobs and would spend weeks out at the camp my church owned just living the dream. That is if your dream involves being surrounded by groups of 30 kids in 30 degree Celsius weather. Fortunately for me this year I am involved in a VBS program. Vacation bible school for those who don’t know is a day camp hosted by church’s where the goal is to explore and learn about God.

I’m super pumped. I got a preschool group of 5 and I’m going to have the best time ever with them. This is a guarantee! I miss kids something fierce most days. I can’t wait to have some in my life but I have other plans first. Like getting a teaching degree to support some joy bundles.

It’s currently 3 am. My husband woke me up when he LOUDLY put down his water bottle. So now I’ve got to eat and put myself to bed again. This is another reason I’m not quite ready for babies but am so ready for a day camp. I hate being woken up. It’s a major pet peeve. I think it’s one of the most unnecessary things to ever happen. Especially in the middle of the night!

Well, I’ll keep you all updated about my kiddos and I love you lots!



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