Contagious Joy

I have this one amazing ability: to greet people with my whole heart in my voice.

This may not sound like anything special but when I say “Hello” or “Good morning” I stop people dead in their tracks. A few weeks ago we had some summer snow  (not unusual here at all) and I was enjoying my walk through the snow endlessly. When there is snow falling around me I know that everything is right in the world. So, when I passed someone on the street I sang out a sweet “Hullo!” and this guy stopped. He stared at me and exclaimed “You are so cheerful! I love it! have a great day.” I laughed and thanked him and kept walking home.

This happens to me a lot and I don’t think much of it until I’ve been through a rough patch because that moment of people lighting up reminds me that I exist and have a profound impact by existing. Today my vocal joy got me to the next stage of a job interview. The woman on the line said she liked me and that she’s sure her manager will too. (This is good because I’m both bored and stressed out about the upcoming move and costs of paint. Ugh.)

Heck! even yesterday I saw my real estate agent and she told me I have “the nicest goodbye. It’s just so cheerful” which is why she calls instead of emails. I pour out all my joy and love into greetings. I want people to feel comfortable. I believe that if we become the reality we want to see then other people are forced to confront and question that reality. This method of reality creation is something I’m super passionate about and will write in detail between my chronological posts of what I have been up to since being depressed and graduating.

Love you lots, Ange!

P.S. I’m meeting up with Posie soon.

P.P.S. I love typing right now guys. I painted my nails a matte electric orange, and a sparkly bubblegum pink. The world could not be more at ease.

Cry baby day

I’m a weepy mess for no apparent reason. (I deflect my feelings a lot. there are so many reasons. That’s why I’m here.)

  1. We are trying to buy a condo and move.
  2. Our lease is up June 30th
  3. The seller is trying to negotiate price with the possession date
  4. I have to apply for my cat to live in the condo
  5. She has to get fixed
  6. I made plans with Posie but I’m weepy because of the above
  7. I have near constant heart break lately

I had mentioned Boy Wonder (my hubby) and I are getting place together and I’m thrilled to paint it but as everything is going through there are hiccups. Like that they want asking price, aren’t willing to give us possession until the day our lease is up, and I find this petty and annoying. I really want to paint. I want the time and freedom to paint. Our real estate agent suggested we threaten to walk away but we really want this place. These feel like hard adult decisions that I don’t want to be making and it tempts me to bury myself in the love of people I shouldn’t (this is 7. the constant heart break)


This is Valencia. she is 5 years old and my emotional support companion. The idea of bringing her anyway to undergo surgery is deeply upsetting to me. What if somehow it break her and she is never the same cat again?!

She’s supposed to my emotional support. I can call her from across the house and she’ll come running to cuddle. She follows me through the house too. the idea of her being in pain is just awful….


As for Posie, we made plans. I have a lot to talk through with her. she is one of my closest ladies and I do want her support but I’m making plans and phone calls and signing documents and UUUUGH. I don’t have the courage to leave my house today. I just want to curl up and sit quietly.

What reads like a melodrama.

One of the most important women in my adult life is my close friend Dr.Jules. She and I met in my second year of post secondary and I hated her. The brief is that Jules saw my potential and proceeded to challenge me and expect greatness. I complained about her endlessly and wanted nothing more than for her to leave me alone. This imagined conflict culminated in her teaching me performance art. This was new and I immediately hated it. She asked my class to come dressed in black that day, so I arrived dressed in red spandex as the Flash. The most unexpected happened, instead of being angry (as I’d hoped) she loved it, she felt I was making it my own and I loved her from that moment on.

She’s continued to have a huge influence on the shape and direction of my life. Jules was the first prof I had who suggested I teach. Not instead of doing art, but that there was something about me that said “I want this“. I radiated joy when talking about my kids or my students. My passion was uncontainable and she used to talk to me about what it’s like to teach. I loved those days. I would sit on the floor with my back against the bed, my hands buried in the rough shag carpet, and we would talk for hours about the best way to get through to people.

She always gets through to me.

We’ve both recently emerged from a period of isolation and I am so delighted to have her on the other side still willing to hold my hand and accept everything. There is nothing I wouldn’t share with this woman and in her grace and wisdom she’s shared with me her heart and ideas. Right now that is mostly about mindfulness and relating it back to performance art. I’m skilled at performing, I am frequently praised for my intense and isolated attention on the task at hand, and comments that my inattention to reality is mesmerising. Jules suggested focusing this energy on the present as a way of combatting anxiety. When I found that helpful I thought to apply it to a greater issue in my life; impulse control.

I haven’t talked with a counsellor about these thing so this is all just me expressing myself in imperfect words buuuuut… It helps me to recognize that although somewhere in my mind I’ve made a sudden decision that my body doesn’t have to act as quickly. I feel this small decision making box in my head that is on the lookout for decisions to make and when it does I feel I can’t do anything else.

Nowadays, instead of losing control over my actions, I breath in deeply and gesture slowly as I do in performance. I perform the tension of indecision/conflict, pushing my body and aura outwards and in large circles that threaten to implode or explode. I want to describe the tension I experience. It’s the inner conflict generated by having an impulse and not acting on it. This may seem tangential but humour me, I’ve recently been told of intrusive thoughts. These are unpleasant, undesirable, disturbing, obsessive, or hard to get rid of thoughts. I would use this to describe what it’s like for me to fight an impulse. I get an idea in my head and until I act on it, it pesters me in every second I’m not actively engaged.  Like a siren wailing in my mind that can play for days, sometimes weeks, until I finally do the thing. The thing I didn’t get to choose. One of the worst triggers for my anxiety is the real or imagined loss of internal control (more on that tomorrow). When I feel out of control I can’t function and I spiral out unpredictably. My performance/mindfulness/gestures are a way to force me into the moment and recognize “I am in control. am choosing this.”

I push at the boundaries of my physical embodiment and I remind myself I am here. I exist. Creating an imaginary circle around me and pulling my hands back into my chest and feeling myself breath until I feel like I can say no. I would have written earlier today but I’ve been fighting this all day. Fighting an urge that started this morning at 9, subsided till 1 and I haven’t been able to shake for more than 7 hours now. It’s overwhelming some days, but when it is, I have people. I have Jules. I have you anonymous strangers that I only semi explain my bizarre ritualized habits to!

Thanks for listening. Thanks for being an outlet.

-Love, Ange.

P.S. I made a cake today, it taste like sugar cookies and has a chocolate icing to die for.

Post Graduation

I graduated recently. I completed a four year Bachelor’s of Fine Arts and it was quite the roller coaster. I immediately applied to return for a degree in elementary education. In another two years I’ll be graduating again, and likely experiencing this same flood of emotions.

I get irreconcilably bored without school. More than bored I quickly get depressed.  This has always happened to me. I can’t remember a summer holiday I didn’t dread coming on, or a Christmas break I wasn’t bored. School is an artificial structure and socializing space and without it I begin to crumble. It sucks. There are great things just about to happen in my life but I’ve been pretty down since about… December? I haven’t written much because I avoid these feelings and sitting down to write they flood my mind. I think to myself “so long as I never say them they never effect reality” though they do either way. I feel gloomy. It’s hard to want to do anything. Fortunately, this summer I have friends. When I first moved here I was isolated and depressed, and this year has presented new and greater challenges. Ones I’m still working through and just want resolved…

I plan on getting back to writing here. I like the illusion of safety and comforted provided in openly sharing my feelings with strangers.

I’m not ready to talk about why I’m so down lately so instead I want to share the exciting things that I have to look forward to! My husband and I are moving this summer!! We have been living in a dark and uncomfortable basement suit and now we are arranging to buy a condo with sunlight and better access to transit. I don’t drive so this is kinda a big deal. I love packing. I’m the most organized little thing you’d ever meet. I have all the boxes labelled with their contents and stacked neatly behind our couch. I monitor the weight and size of boxes so they can be moved easily by the average woman, and! WE GET TO PAINT THE CONDO! Aaaaah, there is no greater joy to me. I love house painting. The smell of wet paint reminds me of my dad. I want a yellow kitchen. The brightest most vibrant yellow God has ever seen. Seriously. I have all these plans for colours and my wonderful husband just nods and says “Yeah!”. He grew up in all white or off white homes. My family splashes colour around anywhere they can. It’s to die for.

There is also my acceptance into education! I love kids more than anything in the world. They are my people. I have no fear being with them and just hearing their voices lifts my spirit. Being an after degree it’ll only take 2 years, and one of those years is practicums. 5 and 9 week practicums where I get to spend my days with little kids.

I’ve started knitting again. My husband pointed out that as long as he’s known me (5 years) I have knit every summer – a pattern I never noticed! I’m doing alright today but for the next few weeks I’m going to write out the chaos and pain in a semi-chronological fashion. Or topical. It’ll involve a lot of superhero talk too.

-Ange Kid.

Something I’m real Proud of

This is the bio/statement/whatIwannasay I’m using for our grad catalogue and guys. I love it.


Hi! I’m Ange.

I believe everyone has a superpower. Your superpower is the thing or phrase that could best define you. My superpower is caring. I care about everything around me to the point I feel like I can’t breathe. My practice revolves around embodied care either through ritual and instruction based performances or conceptually figurative performative sculptures that stand-in for the body.

I’m currently exploring care as connection and reciprocity in relationships by personifying materials to the extreme. I do this out of a curiosity about where metaphors, analogies, and other poetic devices dissolve. Disillusionment in my relationships has led my artistic practice to investigate the moment emotional bonds are formed. Can they be formed with objects? What would those objects need to be cared for? Identifying that trigger and applying it to sculpture is my greatest challenge and failure. I explore these questions by forming an intimate connection with my medium. As I understand its physiological properties I attempt to transcend them. Running parallel to transcendence is misattribution, empathy, and projection which I use as means of attachment.

To prompt an emotional bond, I project onto objects questions of human existence. These questions are posed in terms of having function and creating purpose which relate directly to the process of building. In my work with clay I have seen hours of my time and attention become understanding and then turn into prediction. I’ve also seen that my failures were more beautiful than what I could imagine and impose on the clay. Crafting functional pottery was fulfilling but watching my failures sag and collapse was stunning. I found their changes and self manipulations profoundly meditative and I’d ask them why. Why this form, direction, imperfection? It served to deepen my interest in the clay and opened my mind to being taught by it. As I learned I found some of my objects/props/sculptures/clay babies/loved items helped me to apply order and establish meaning in face of uncertainty. When I see them in multiplicity, variety, and states of brokenness and repair they mimic life beyond what I could intend. I’ve learned to reinforce their willfulness and craft them in a way that allows them to create their own shape and body through technical imperfections that force purpose. The latest question they’ve given me is to contemplate the relationship between finding purpose and continued existence.

Right now you and I exist simultaneous. You are the person I am writing to, and I am the voice in your head. Maybe at this moment we are both wondering about the other. I make my objects to fill this void in wondering. My objects are vessels for existing and containing emotion, release, acceptance, love, joy, grief, heartbreak, pain, laughter – everything! I want to invite you to accept an animistic worldview where each object has a soul or consciousness and ask you to wonder about them.

Tattoo #3! (and other stuff)

I am going through a lot of life changes at the moment. I’ve applied to education programs in both english and french, I’ve begun couple’s counselling after some great upsets, and now I’m home for reading week! As expected it snowed when I came home. I love the snow. In winter I feel like I belong perfectly in world. When all the snow is falling around me I think about how small I am. I came home Wednesday night and Thursday morning I found out my Grandpa’s second wife had died. When Zane talks about it he says matter-of-factly “It’s just so sad. Grandpa’s lost a second wife to cancer.” The funeral is Sunday.

But this is not supposed to be a sad grief filled post! I just thought “Hey! I haven’t said anything about the chaos that is my life.” So I thought I should spread some of it out. I’m also avoiding a class assignment to make a website. I hate it. Ugh. I like this blog better as a place to understand my artwork but… then I have posts like this so I guess it doesn’t really work. Too loose. Too scattered. I mention the counselling thing so the tattoo I got makes sense.

Last session our counsellor suggested making decisions together. Specifically, he asked that I try and consider which decisions of mine directly effect Boy Wonder. So then when I figured out when we’d be home I booked an appointment for a tattoo without telling him. I thought it would be a grand surprise! I had done this once before. With his name. Beautiful Edwardian script across my right rib cage. Both times I’ve ended up telling him on the off chance he’d hate it. And with the third tattoo (a small Green Lantern symbol as a wedding band) he just looked at me in exasperated confusion. “Didn’t we talk about this in counselling?!” hahahahaha. Yes. We did. Together decisions.He took me to the appointment and in less than an hour I had a new permanent marker of belief.


He seems to like it well enough. Nothing seems to convince him to get inked. I get tattoos that have at least 3 levels of meaning. This one is no different. 1 – It’s Green Lantern 2 – it’s a wedding band and 3 – is the togetherness of those elements together.

Green Lantern is  a comic book hero I really admire. The best way to say it is that a Green Lantern is created when a ring seeks them out. It finds individuals with exceptional will power and serves to amplify their ability to great heights. This will driven ability is often confronted by the Yellow Lanterns of fear. I find that fantastically poetic. Will and fear in opposition but will incarnate/embodied wins. This embodiment is a huge part of my artwork also. So why a wedding band? I never wear my ring. Ever. I’ve begun pottery and have left or lost it in the studio too many times to continue risking it. That third level is embodiment of will within a marriage. The determinedness to stick to it and pursue a greater and deeper relationship with the person I’ve chosen to love.

I’m going to end this here because you can only put off work for so long. But hopefully in the coming days I can post more. Talk to you again soon!


Justice League part 2!

I’m taking a research break. Have you ever heard of semiotics? It’s about language and understanding. There are signs and signifiers. Signs are words like “house” and signifiers are what you are imagining right now. Our houses look different. The word conjures an image but they look different depending on location and lived experience. A famous artwork about it is Joseph Kosuth’s “one and three chairs”. Google it real quick and you’ll be like “whoa.” That’s the kind of research I’m doing right now.

On to comics and heroes! Following up on my last post I claim that Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman are not admirable heroes – more on Cyborg later. Heroes have a broad definition but I envision them as people worthy of admiration, someone you aspire to be like. The issue with this popular trinity is they embody duality. I lean towards wholeness.  Each of them exist simultaneously as a “human” and secret hero. They pass for normal in but primarily their story telling revolves around the action packed superhero material. I don’t know about you but *I* am not like that. Existing in halves rather than completeness is my an obstacle for relating to or liking these heroes…

Batman or Bruce Wayne. If you ever have to create an alter ego I’d suggest not being a womanizer. It’s too common. Bruce Wayne is in charge of Wayne Enterprises and although it produces weapons, armour, and vehicles for Batman it too reinforces his internal divide. If he were more extreme he might be seen as having a split personality. Bruce Wayne indulges societal expectations and desire but come sundown Batman is roaming the streets appealing his own sense of justice. He *is* a vigilante. The division of desire and order is seen also in his romantic relationships. The ones I know of are Catwoman, Batgirl, and Talia. although he knows the day time identity of these women his affairs with them are at night and sometimes masked. A separation that prevents vulnerability. I’m terribly sensitive and find myself frustrated by Batman’s lack of empathic behaviours and showing his own weakness. I believe failure is endearing. He is always brooding. Emotionally not functional likely because of his compartmentalization.

The Kryptonian and The Amazon! I’m relatively new to comics and I’m a fan of this power couple. Their relationship has brought new dimensions to the individual characters and the Justice League’s enactment of justice. Superman goes by Clark Kent and Wonder Woman’s name is Diana. Her last name Prince alludes to her being a Princess of the Amazon warriors of Themyscira. These two parade about as humans but duality is embedded in their DNA. They are outcasts having hiding their true selves. Perhaps you are thinking “don’t all heroes have secret identities?” No, not all. It’s the element of denial that I find so hard to grasp. When I read or watch them they are either being totally badass or going on dates while taming themselves to fit in. The difference is described as an issue and their romance is empowering! A love and passion founded in trust and mutual understanding paired with the desire to be loved and accepted. Side note! Superman grew up learning to pass and mentors Wonder Woman in his ways. As a couple they begin to tackle questions of power, authority, and the meaning of justice but all that ends when the glasses are on. Sigh, if only the world were different too.

Cyborg is in his own category.A different kind of challenge because he is underwritten in the films and I’ve never read him in anything. The most striking thing about Cyborg is that he can’t pass yet he doesn’t fully embrace his newness. Being both always he is the struggle of humanity. What does it mean to be human? In other works cyborgs are a tool to broaden the understanding of humanity often in an illustrative attempt to show readers how they fail to give personhood and humanity to flesh and blood humans. Personally, I love that he dreams. The prevalence of his fears and desires in his dreams speaks to me about the notions of souls. I see it as an accepted form of animism in adult works because he is still human and must have a soul, right? This is another area of my research so I’ve got some strong and academic jargon level feelings about it.

Now you know my feelings about the Justice League! I’m going to do my best to keep up writing here during the semester even if it’s just brief burst of emotion.

-Ange Kid

Always Returning

I started writing a blog last spring as part of a class. I wanted to find a better way of articulating and talking about my work in a more relatable way. Now I write because I achieved my goal of talking better and I’m invested. Emotionally invested. The last time I wrote was November 30th, more than a month ago… since then I ran away home between semesters and skipped out on all remaining commitments. I don’t like running but sometimes that’s what you have to do. What I missed most about writing here was that it helps me deal with sticky and painful feelings.

Since getting back to Edmonton I’ve watched most of the Justice League (JL from here on out) movies on Netflix and decided that’s what I wanted to write about today. I’m a huge DC fan. My favourite heros are the Flash, Aquaman, and Green Lantern. My husband summed up my admiration of them with a single word each, righteous, faithful, and will respectively. I like these three because they are real heroes. They are people whose work and powers go together smoothly, but not effortless. For the other 4 of JL all have to choose between one or the other. They can’t be both. They are the antithesis of seamless! They are reversible clothing.

Righteousness describes a state of moral goodness or justifiability. I have always look up to the Flash because of his power to do everything but not. He rushes everywhere, completes tasks, saves the day, but still gets down about his failures. The times he couldn’t be there. When he couldn’t be enough, like saving his mom (watch the animated film JL flashpoint for more.) He uses his power in unique ways! He always finds an answer. In all the variations of him I’ve seen or read this is essential to his character and the best word for it is righteous. Even when he can’t do the “right” thing he is justified. In the film I mentioned he must choose between timelines ultimately meaning he must choose which entire world exists… He weighs the pro and cons. Thinking through his action before deciding the course and pursuing it.

Faithfulness. Aquaman and his Atlantean wife Mera (who is badass and helpful) are an incredible example of what it means to be faithful. To be loyal to someone or something with consistency in spite of difficulty. Aquaman is supposed to be the best king for Atlantis because he is of “both worlds” and of mixed blood being human + Atlantean. He demonstrates endurance through difficulty as he repeatedly tries to prevent his peoples from going to war with each other. He does what I can’t. He saves the day by finding compromises or by pointing out the flaws and wrong thinking of the people he cares for and wants to protect. The man manages to keep peace and true love at his side. This is something I *really* want you to notice. He has a wife. One of the only married heros and Mera isn’t some house mouse of their castle under the sea. She is amazingly power and equal to her husband. They disagree and compromise together. Important things to learn from  as I’ve been married 18 months (together 4 1/2 years) and struggle more than I want to with this.

Will. Green Lantern is Hal Jordan, an arrogant playboy fighter pilot… sounds like  a real dream come true hey? As Green Lantern he is a amazing. He uses his skills as a pilot to be best at lantern policing. If you have never heard of him here is the quickie: there are 7 colours of lanterns each representing an emotion and these emotions are powers manifest through rings that are worn by those chosen by the ring. The green lanterns decided/given the purpose of being the universe’s police force. Green is will and in the film Green Lantern first flight it is contrasted by yellow – fear. Will and fear. I pause and think about it often. Hal is highly effective because of his arrogance (a quality I share) but it also causes him grief when he messed up. It’s hard to recover from failure when you believe yourself to be so great! Super relatable. His best and worst quality all wrapped up as one. The devastation of failing and the fear of failure looming and that’s what stops the ring’s power.

I could write some much more about these heroes but it’s getting late on my end and I know it all comes down to the same thing for me. I want heros that actually inspire me. Ones who do always get the job done right, or can fix anything. I don’t want anti heroes with tragic flaws but I do need heros who understand suffering because they also know how to move past it. I’ll have a follow up post about the other 4 and why I Love but don’t admire them.

I’m going through rough times and hope to write more even if it’s a little thing it could be the whole world.

-Ange Kid

P.S. Here is the link to my performance last month!!


Just about forever

I have no idea when I wrote last but basically my life has been a series of unfortunate events for the last 3 weeks. Only now are things starting to get better. And this is one of the first time I’m sitting at my computer and I’m actually in my painting studio supposed to be painting but we have a show opening tomorrow and I hadn’t written my documents so… here I am writing in the middle of the studio and now addressing you all because I have guilt from not writing. Because writing here is one of the most refreshing parts of my life.

I’m gonna post my documents here so that you know what I’m up to and hopefully over the break (christmas holidays) I can get up all the stuff I’ve been working on an detail my process!

Ange Kid Artist Statement

I am creating a body of performance work exploring the power of intentionality in relationships between parties with agency and personhood. My practice began with performances about connecting people and nature by inviting viewers to accept an animistic worldview. Animism is the belief that objects have a soul or consciousness which I exaggerate by treating them like people. Instead of acting on an object I negotiate their participation and respond to their feelings. I use ritual and gesture in performance as a way of worlding; creating a believable framework in which these elements exist concretely. To push these explorations forward I have begun a series of durational and task based performances around destruction and reconstruction to explore the difference between purpose and function. Destroying the object removes its ability to function and in its reconstruction function is not restored but purpose and continued existence is established.

Project Description

Exiting Through Doing is a durational performance that begins when I let go of ceramic vessels. I hold and drop the vessels allowing them to smash against the ground before I gather them on a soft rug to repair them. I destroy similar or identical objects to prevent them from being easily repaired. I break and care for each of them as a means of representing the application of order and a restoration of personal balance. I use my body as the medium for its immediacy, directness and confrontational potential to break down physical and imagined barriers. I consider each performance a reincarnation that retains nature based influences that manifest as rituals and cycles. I embody cycles of waiting, listening, and responding to understand their role in creating sustainable relationships.


Basically right now in the studio I’m smashing and repairing things because of the state my life is in. I lost 5 pounds in the last few weeks due to stress which has been pretty hard to recover from. I’m very petite. 5’4″ and 115 pounds. Not really an ideal. Sorry about any awful spelling but I got heaps of work to do!!

-Love, Ange.

Academic Jargon!

I know you all sincerely love my academic jargon that says so little yet pretends to be significant. Or maybe I’m just tired of proofreading about my own work. Anyways! This is all to make me feel better about how much time I had to put into this so I’m sharing part of my midterm with you! It’s about my penpal thing and why it’s worthwhile. Basically I’d send this if I wanted to get into a show with the work. I hope you enjoy.

Ange Kid Project Description – The Penpal Project

The Penpal Project is a durational digital performance existing online and dependent on audience engagement. The work is displayed as online screenshots of my conversations with my audience, within the emails are concerns and unresolved questions. They are detailed semiautobiographically as I attempt to work through the issues with my co-creators penpals resulting in a cyclical self-referential piece. I upload ads to Kijiji and respond to sent emails with an introductory letter and request for consent to the project. I have become increasing committed to this and have revised the duration to end only when all correspondence ends. As I see it I will pursue this long-term to monitor its devolvement and to understand its continued impact on my work. The Penpal Project is an extension of my past performances and questions the meaning of community and one ability to create it. I consider my interactive performances as community generators that help me conceptualize engagement and existing harmoniously with my surroundings. There are two philosophers with growing investment in ecological crisis who have profoundly effected my worldview and prompted me to produce works of this nature. The first is Bron Taylor who created the controversial umbrella term Dark Green Religion which refers to quasi religious beliefs that “nature is sacred, has intrinsic value, and is therefore due reverent care.”. The more impactful David Abram is best known for bridging philosophy and ecology. He describes sensitive people who can develop a reciprocal relationship with the nonhuman and are then charged with maintaining a balance between humans and nonhumans. I became obsessed with the real-world implications of these beliefs and I began to interact with objects (the nonhuman) by giving them personhood. As I lived this way I was directly influenced in my performative practice. I use my body as a medium for its immediacy, directness and confrontational potential to break down physical and imagined barriers. I consider each performance a reincarnation that retains the nature based influences that manifest as rituals and cycles. I embody the cycles of waiting, listening, and responding to represent the application of order and a restoration of personal balance. To combine this with my interactive art means inviting audiences as co-creators to share in an open dialogue. Personhood is the most important aspect of The Penpal Project and is what distinguishes it from being an art object. I see my work as the documentation of a growing network of relationships. The logistics of presentation require a monitor displaying an interactive site where all the conversations are recorded and stored. As such, I would require a secure computer on a plinth.

And the next time I’m not so busy I’ll tell you all about my plans for gifts. I may have omit my absolute love for holidays and gifts but Faith’s birthday is Tuesday and I’m going to get her  a replacement mug. about 4 years ago I made her a hand drawn hand wash only mug and her roommates accidentally popped it in the dishwasher so it all melted away. She was really upset so I’m going to redraw the item, scan, and print it with  mug printing company. And I’m going to make Bailey’s and Khula truffles for my mum for Christmas. I think she’ll love them. But I’m just realizing it’ll be way more pricey than buying her fancy chocolates… Huh.

-Till next time! Ange Kid